A Note to My Daughter…

Dear daughter,

I have looked at the world today and i’m slowly getting convinced that by the time you are a teenager, your generation will never know if some things were ever wrong and utterly sinful.

And so, pretty girl, since God has given me a responsibility to bring you up in His knowledge, I will tell you the truth as it is, and although you are still in God’s mind right now, when you are here, these things will still hold true. It may be many years from today, and I may seem old-fashioned, but God’s word and truth are ageless.

1. Money isn’t everything

I know by now, this one is the slogan in your generation. As long as it pays and pays well, do it. So you will see your friends pose naked for skin lotions and star in x-rated movies just for the money. You will see them enter into relationships with men thrice their age and destroy homes just because they are young and pretty and there is good money involved. You will see worse things, these people keep inventing new ways of sinning, I don’t know what else they might invent in your time.

But honey, I gotta tell you one thing; you have your honor and dignity to defend. You need to do things today that will make sure you don’t lose face before your own kids years from now. Life goes beyond now, do things that will please God, things that will benefit humanity and if all you will ever consider is the money, remember my words today, Money isn’t everything!

2.  Not Everyone is ‘Doing It’

This one is a classic. People, and especially your peers will lure you into irresponsible behavior with the assumption that everyone is ‘doing it’. ‘It’ could be anything from premarital, irresponsible sex to drug abuse.

The truth is, not everyone is doing it! And I definitely expect you to be in the ‘not doing it’ bracket. You will look weird and sometime out of place for being different and having admirable principles, but you will be the enviable one. Soberness, virginity and good dressing are morals that will never lose value. Keep them, no matter what everyone else around you is doing.

Keep your feet firmly planted on God, and do not do anything I wouldn’t do :). O.k, I know I got carried away there, I am not the standard, so do not do anything God would frown upon. I know we live in an imperfect world and we slip at times, but don’t stay down. IF you slip, wake up, repent, dust yourself and keep walking on the straight,narrow path.

3. God’s Word Doesn’t Change to Suit Your Comfort 

You might not believe it but some people today have tried to fit God into a box that they are comfortable with. Many things that are sinful and wrong are slowly being accepted as we create our own all-inclusive non-discriminating God.

Do you know homosexuality is a sin before God? What? They have told you that God is not homophobic? Oh, I knew it! That is why this note to you was so important. I knew a time would come and you wouldn’t know that some things used to be sin!

I will add, God’s word doesn’t change. Please honor God, don’t go around referring to Him with his initials. Like J.C! If you can’t even refer to your own dad Benard Kamana as B.K, why should you call God with his initials? Honor God, love Him and all will be well.

4. Your Worth is Immeasurable 

I have seen girls in this day and age feeling and acting worthless. They end up doing many unthinkable things and bring so much grief to themselves and others. Like that one who contracted HIV in a bid to feel loved or the many who go to painful lengths to feel accepted.

I will tell you today, my dear girl, that you are of immense value to God, to us and to many others who love you. You will once in a while feel like you are not measuring up to expectations and social standards but that is because you are only human.

You are beautiful, you are smart and your worth cannot be summed up in a blog post. Do not do crazy things to try and prove anything to anyone especially if it lowers your dignity and self worth.

And finally, dear daughter; live your life for the Lord. Many things will pass happen, but when all is said and done, the only thing that will matter is, ‘Did you live your life for God?’

8 thoughts on “A Note to My Daughter…

  1. Thanx Jonah. It will do her good. In pray you raise her to be a godly woman…when she comes.

  2. Am moved by this.It feels like you were talking to me- very conversational. It’s sad to know that a time will come when things that we know are sin right now will no longer be considered as such yet HIS standards do not change.
    Write on lady..write on!

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