I hear i’m a sanguine. if you don’t know yet, We are the kind of people who are sociable and pleasure-seeking; We are impulsive and charismatic.

We enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and tend to be boisterous. We are creative, compassionate and romantic. We supposedly struggle with following tasks all the way through, are chronically late, and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic (that is true :).

We are warm-hearted, pleasant, lively and optimistic. But the most important part of our nature is we can be very sensitive. Some alone time is crucial for those like me. We are not smiling machines.

Many times, I’ve had to fake that smile and make small talk if only to stop the numerous stares and ‘are you o.k?’ questions. The thing is,i’m o.k, but I don’t have to show you my full dentures to prove it.

Make no mistake, I love being me. I love that I can make friends in an instant and keep most of them. I love that I love life, and feel deeply. About everything. There is rarely any chance for pretending with us. And that is why we take it rather harshly when we are forced to pretend.

I remember once when I was in campus, and the issue of my personality came up once in a while. We all are different so I really don’t know why being a sanguine was such a problem.

So I always had to answer and excuse myself for being so happy! Problem is they didn’t think I was happy, ‘yappy’ was more like it.

So I had to keep putting up appearances and pretending to be quiet until I got a headache. And as if that wasn’t enough, when I kept quite, I had to keep explaining why i’m sad. Oh, there was no winning this one.

So, I finally grew up and decided I was gonna be happy with who God made me. I was going to feel emotions as they come and have no apologies for it since they are God-given.

I’m gonna be happy, sad, elated, excited … all the works. I’m gonna burst into tears when i’m sad, swirl around when happy and frown when sad. As at now, nimechoka kucheka!



  1. I’m the sanguine choleric blend, according to testing. When I take a personality quiz, I come out one of these two or the blend when blends are allowed.

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