Boy, I Feel like a Perfect Imperfect Woman!

50% So, it’s now an open secret that we are baking a baby! Yeah, the Lord turned my body into an oven. From the kind of heat I’m feeling of late, I know it’s a few degrees above 100 inside there!

I have probably learned more about myself and my body than all the biology Mrs. Mburia taught me in school — probably because I was always asleep in her class! And it is not all pleasant, but this is probably the best time of my life. I honestly don’t want it to be over, in a selfish way I must add.

When else do you have even matatu touts falling over themselves trying to be nice to you? And when else can you walk in town eating a watermelon and you don’t get those, ‘who is her mother’ stares? Actually, you seem to get approval nods — she is taking care of ‘our’ baby! Go, mama, munch on!

The license to ‘misbehave’ aside, and I use misbehave here to only meaning eating in public, not the total lack of social etiquette; I have experienced a few changes that are not quite pleasant, some of which no one really prepared me for. No one, that is, except Dr. G (read Google) and we all know he tends to over extend facts so I try not to take him too seriously.

Like my face. It seems to have suddenly remembered that I skipped the pimples stage of adolescent so now the acne has landed with all it’s relatives! Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and wonder, “whose face is THAT?” But my oh-so-kind husband has encouraged to face the world with more courage, acne and all!

All they told me about pregnancy has nothing on the real thing. I expected to vomit every single day of my first trimester. So I braced myself for the gag reflex to work overtime — it never did! So here I was, all nauseous but not throwing up. I still don’t know if that was good or bad.

They didn’t tell me I will have trouble eating because my stomach is next to my throat, so I feel full after two spoon fulls. Now I have learned to eat small portions many times in a day. And all they said was cravings and more cravings. What about the loss of appetite I have been experiencing of late. I only eat because I have to. And I can’t decide what I like right now! Except Digestive biscuits but who can live on that?

My body is in real good shape of late — round too is a shape, right? I remember admiring pregnant ladies long before I got here. I thought they looked really good with that bump. The bump is now on me and for some reason, I thought I will not grow that big that fast so I was never in a hurry to change my wardrobe. Until I woke up one day and nothing in my closet would fit. Kamana looked on helplessly with an annoying smirk on his face as I tried on everything in my closet.

A couple of hours later, all my clothes were in a pile on the floor, and I was close to tears! You see, I have a problem deciding what to wear even on normal times, so this was really frustrating! So I wore what fitted best and I went to shop!  I wore the first trouser that fitted me well right in the changing room and walked out in it!

Somehow, pregnancy has increased the spring in my step and  now I feel more confident and at home in my body. Funny this should come at a time when I’m round in shape with a face that looks like an adolescent boy, but I guess it’s Gods way of telling me I’m perfect with all my imperfections. And I love it!



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