Do we really need sex to sell?

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There is this advert on TV that has got everyone talking. Most of them seem quite angered by it,  at least the ones in my circle are. It’s the Fresh Fry advert. The bone of contention is that the advert is too sensual. I’m still trying to get the relationship between sensuality and frying my meat!

Many things may be relative but sex is not. We know it when we see it. And I know we have heard the argument that it sells, but honestly, do we need to sell sex so as to sell everything else?

Car adverts are not complete without a 3/4 naked girl posing alongside it, complete with pouting lips and endless legs. The same goes for body lotions and energy drinks and …the list is endless.

But I don’t solely blame the advertisers, maybe that is what we have become. Our minds have become so impure that nothing else seems to grab our attention. If it doesn’t make the hormones rage when I see it, then maybe it’s not worth my time(and money).

So now, the commercials in between the programs have become worse than the programs themselves. There were times when one would just wait for the commercial break to come so as to ease the moment in the middle of a not-so-family-viewing-friendly program. Today, we change channels when the commercials air, though it really doesn’t help since these things air at the same time in different channels.

I don’t know really what the idea was, but it was a very bad one. We are not all sex-crazy. We still buy Chloride Exide battery, Bamburi Cement and Safaricom Lines even though their adverts are not sensual. I still love and buy Cocacola, Tily, Delmonte juice and even Ribena.

An advert just needs to be beautiful. Many times I have stopped what i’m doing to watch Safaricom and Cocacola adverts. They are melodious, catchy; even patriotic. Even the Tusker adverts are way better. We would forgive KBL if they did sensual ones, the assumption would be they were all drunk. Even Femiplan are way decent, yet they advertise sex. In a way…

This is a call to all the Marketing Managers and Advertisers. Think outside the sensual box. It really is a small one if you want all of us to fit in. Get creative, go musical, do comedies if you have to. And unless you are advertising condoms, leave sensuality where it belongs. Away from our screens!

10 thoughts on “Do we really need sex to sell?

  1. Very annoying adverts nowadays. You’re slowly savoring a good meal with family in the living room and then out of nowhere, the screen is plastered with pictures almost-naked women in the name of soaps and make-up. Then there is this family planning shenanigans that get advertised in all the wrong times. Thank you for pointing it out

    • I’m glad to know there are people like you who are not happy with these adverts. I wish there was something we could do apart fro switching off our TVs! Thanx for reading too 🙂

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