For Happy and for Holy

Marriage is forever…

I love reading the popular cartoon on Daily Nation — Andy Capp. One thing I’ve never understood though, is why Flo has stuck with the loser for that long. The guy is a lazy drunk, I don’t think he deserves the motherly,hardworking Flo.

But then again, I’m a child of the 21st century and we have little patience for losers, regardless of whether those losers are our very own husbands and children. And so we keep ‘moving on’ and anybody in our lives who doesn’t move with us will watch our fast moving backs as we zoom past them. No wonder marriages nowadays don’t last.

I would love to meet Flo. I know she once said that if there was one person she wouldn’t invite to her wedding were she to do it again, it would be Andy. Keeping him out of her hand bag is a full time job for Flo, but pray tell me, dear Flo, why do you put up with him?

I think Flo values her marriage to Andy and she has decided to stick through it despite Andy’s never changing behavior. She teaches me that marriage is forever. Whether it be a bed of roses or of thorns, you stick there.

I have never seen them fight, so I guess Flo’s attitude works well for them. She doesn’t scold Andy when he shows up at three AM with no shoes and dripping wet (he always falls into the canal in his drunken stupor). Her attitude ensures that Andy comes home every night.

We have a lot to learn from her in this ‘panga puff girls’ generation. one wrong step and the poor guy will have so many stitches on his face he’ll look like a rugby ball. Not dear Flo. She still opens the door for Andy, who rarely remembers his door anyway.

When it comes to ‘for better for worse’ I give it to Flo. I hope all women with husbands like Andy or a little better (I refuse to believe anyone is worse than Andy), will learn a thing or two from Flo and save their marriage and their men.

I hope to read of Andy’s change one day, Flo can only put up with so much;but if that day never comes, I pray that Flo will receive the Resilience Award. She is one Iron lady. But, pray, tell me, Flo, are you happy?

Happy. That is the buzz word these days. If you are happy, you stay, if you aren’t, you run. Supposing God didn’t constitute marriage to make us happy, but to make us holy?

Maybe we just can’t be happy all the time but if our spouses can help us edge more to holiness, we will understand why Flo puts up with Andy. Maybe God wants us to be holy, and in being Holy, we are happy.

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