I Read The Bible…and Got Lost

I was listening to an interview on a local channel. The interviewees were two musicians one new kid on the block and one older musician.

The older guy was quite sober and scripture oriented while the other kid was, well..just a kid with stars in his eyes. I didn’t think too much of it until while responding to the interviewers question, he said he thinks the bible is interpreted in very many ways and that is why some people might think his music is not gospel.

As the shock of just how deceived one can be wore off, I remembered one saying I heard somewhere. It is said that the bible is a forest. One can go there to collect fruits, firewood, hunt, nature walk and all. One can get eaten by wild animals or even get lost in it. In short, the bible is a big confusing piece of work, don’t sweat trying to understand it.

Now, here is the problem with that idea. It’s a lie and a deception. And the problem with deception is, you just cannot be deceived. When you are deceived, we know you are deceived because of the things you do which are crazy.

The sweetest thing is, God knows and loves us. And he wanted us to know Him. And of all other intimate ways he would have chosen to do that, he chose to write us a letter-a love letter beginning with a wedding and ending with a wedding.

Those of us who were in high school before laptops were introduced to pre-school kids will remember just how we loved letters. Composing one was a joyous activity and opening one was even a more joyous activity.

In our High School,our School coordinator was called brother John Kozcka. Everyday he visited the post office and got our letters. When he got to school, our beloved Bro wrote all the names on a foolscap and pinned it on the noticeboard with a headline ‘See Bro’.

Having a ‘see bro’ was everybody’s desire for the day. And we looked forward to reading those letters. Why then is reading the best letter of all such a hard thing?

I know it is hard partly because this particular letter is not just a physical letter. It is a deeply spiritual letter and the devil would be very glad if we don’t read it and find in it God’s plan for our redemption. And it makes him very happy to make you think that the bible is a forest in which you will get lost.

But then begs the question, why do you read the bible? What exactly do you go to look for in the bible? If you go there with the sole purpose of finding contradictions so as to explain your deplorable state of heart, you will find contradictions even where they are not.

From today, look at the Bible as God’s plan for your redemption. Go to it with an open heart and a genuine desire to seek God. If you have questions, go to it with an honest desire to get answers. Because they are there.

If you feel like you read the Bible and get lost all the time, PRAY that the Holy Spirit will lead you to understand. Jesus said in John 16:13, ‘But when the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth’.

read me bible

Do you hear people asking how does one hear God? Well, here is the simple answer. Through His word. He speaks to date. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Dust your Bibles, people, we got some reading to do!

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