If You Can’t Add Years To Their Life, Add Life To Their Years

I did not have the pleasure of meeting my grandfathers. They died long before I was born. My mom has stories upon stories of what kind of people they were. One thing that is clear is, she loved them and they aged gracefully, and died peacefully.

I was lucky enough to meet my grandmothers and we-the cousins- have got so many sweet memories of life with them. My maternal grandma was funny and strict. She had had her leg amputated and waked on crutches. the villagers playfully called her ‘miguu tatu’- three legged one.

She was also quite forgetful. One time she sent one of my cousins to the shop, and then she forgot that she had given him the money. She caused quite a scenario, calling him and all of us thieves, warning our aunts never to invite us to their homes because we would steal from them like we had stolen from her. At the height of her drama,my cousin Kiki came back with the goodies from the shop much to her shock. If you think she said sorry, think again.

Towards the end of her days, my uncles and aunties took good care of her, taking her to hospital and making sure she was comfortable. She didn’t lack anything. She too died gracefully and now lies under a Frangipani-(ish 🙂 tree.

For some reason, I have a heart for old people. They are frail, and fragile and weak, at least in their bodies. They have tonnes of wisdom to offer and years of experience to tap from. And for that reason alone, there is need to give them a better end.

Since we cannot do much for the old especially if they are sickly, it would be just awesome to make their last days memorable. My heart bleeds when I see an elderly person being mistreated or suffering in vain.

It’s even sadder when they are killed because they are supposedly witches and wizards. In their sunset years, life should be beautiful. Wrong choices may lead to their predicament in old age, but if we can, i’d pray that we make thier sunset days sweet.

The same goes for the terminally ill. if we can’t add years to their life, let us add life to their years.