Is Jesus Serious?

I have been watching KTN’s series on the bible. They have tried to depict as truthfully as possible the real events of the bible and while a few things have been edited much to my dislike, one thing stands out; Jesus is serious business.

I have been reading the bible too, more seriously now that I am somebody’s running mate 🙂 and I have seen more and more that Jesus is serious business.


The early disciples had it rough; they stood for Christ at a time when it was really hard to oppose the powers that were. The gospel was expensive and people paid dearly to spread it. Why then have we made it so cheap today?

The sole purpose of preaching is to direct people to God. The gospel is the good news, news about a much needed saviour to much needing sinners. Good news that all is not lost; there is still hope for us despite Adam’s big blunder. Good news that Jesus is the link between God and man, the ONLY way to heaven. That is serious business.

So when I see people reduce the gospel to seed planting and prosperity business, I’m furious! Imagine the price the early disciples paid! Some were fried in boiling oil, some were sawn into two, some were shipped off to an isolated island, some were beheaded at the request of a little girl and her evil mother – does that sound like prosperity to you?

The bible does well to let us know that if God remembered all our sins, no one would stand. I keep thinking God should send thunder and lightning to strike all those people watering down the gospel to their own economic gain. But then again, I would probably be caught in the thunder for my own little blunders so I shelf those thoughts.

I know Paul said that it doesn’t matter the reasons for preaching as long as Christ is preached. I too wish they would preach Christ and him crucified. Then it wouldn’t matter how much they ask for in return because at the end of the day, Christ is preached.

But they don’t! They don’t preach Christ crucified or anything close. They pick little line from scriptures and magnify it out of context to swindle people of their money. The ‘gospel’ thus ceased to ‘set the captives free’. Their version of the gospel doesn’t save anyone. Theirs is the sugar-my-tea and butter-my bread version. That is not the gospel.

I imagine Stephen being stoned and Paul being imprisoned just for telling people that Jesus rose from the dead and that HE is indeed the Messiah. What would he think of, say, pastor Kanyari of the famous 310 seed if he met him today? Would he tell him that he is a workman approved by God? Would he say to him and his mother, Nduta?

“I have been reminded of your faith which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice?”(2 Timothy 1:5)

No he wouldn’t. I know that because Nduta seems to have taught her son how to rip-off money from ‘innocent’ church goers.

It’s time we stopped hiding under the ‘I don’t want to judge’ umbrella and speak the truth. Because truth is supposed to set people free but today’s version of truth creates more bondage than the lies.

Jude says,

“Be merciful to those who doubt, snatch others from the fire and save them; to others show mercy mixed with fear-hating even the clothing stained by corrupted fear”

The gospel is serious business; let us handle it with heavenly seriousness, like it is a matter of life and death. Because it is.

2 thoughts on “Is Jesus Serious?

  1. I’m with you kabisa on this one. This reduction of Jesus to a butterer of bread, an insecticide (see the new song dawa ya mende) is, to say the least, infuriating!! Yaani, whatever happened to reverence?!! This is perhaps how the love of many, myself included, may grow cold. If God ceases to be awesome then the gravity of His sacrifice and its implications is lost. When Jesus becomes a mere carpenter then even the gravity of sin is reduced to a ‘mistake’ and then His blood is easily trampled upon because we can’t understand it’s value. Let me stop there….May the Lord help us!!

    And as far as the issue on judging goes, we are to judge those that claim to be brothers because of that very claim. Those outside of this claim have God to deal with, not us as shown in 1 Cor 5:9-13.

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