My Daughter, You Shall Have No Freedom of Worship

Someone said something this week that left me thinking very hard, wondering what I want my kids to praise me for when they are old enough to know that mommy could have been wrong, actually. Right now, mommy is never wrong. She wears a thousand caps — doctor,night nurse, Guidance and Counselor,protector from the monsters when there is black-out, swimming coach (well, that is really daddy’s), voice coach and milk dispenser.

But if there is one thing I want to be to my kids, it is spiritual counselor. The person I mentioned told us how her parents are awesome because they allowed them to go to any place of worship they wanted, as long they are going somewhere, even to the mosque. She is a Mormon now.

Yesterday, the Atheists In Kenya was registered as a recognized body. My heart wept as I read that story. I thought of my daughter and the world she will grow in. Today, even before she can say ‘mama’; (I have beef with her about that, by the way. How hard can it be, Wambui, to say ‘mama’. ma-ma. She’s rather say ‘dada’. Maybe she’s asking for a little sister. I will consult about that and give her feedback in December.) Anyway, before my little girl can even call out my name, there is an Atheists Association registered in Kenya. And I give her freedom of worship?

I have made many prayers for Zawadi, but the one thing that I never forget to pray for is that she will live to love God. I pray that she will not be swayed by every doctrine and that God will keep all bad people away from her. I pray that despite the liberalism being portrayed today in matters worship, she will be singing, ‘Give me the Old Time Religion’ from the moment she starts to talk with more consonants and less vowels like she is doing now.

I-Am-I believe we have a God-given mandate to tell her about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jehovah. Yahweh. The Great I AM. That is the God I want her to worship. He may seem too old fashioned and his salvation methods may seem too simple or too cruel for her sophisticated mind, but I want her to know that she was born a sinner and Jesus died on the cross to save her. This Jesus hasn’t changed.

No. Jesus still demands that she lives an upright life. He still demands that she repents and flees from sin. He does not have a ‘come as you are, stay as you are’ doctrine that shields her from accepting correction and from repenting and surrendering to God. He is not a New Age Jesus who wants her to ‘tap all her potential and know that all she needs is inside of her.’ I want her to know that she needs Jesus, she is nothing without him and apart from Him she can do nothing. I want her to worship no other GOD but HIM.

I want her to know that the cross is serious. Easter is not about bunnies and eggs. Christmas is not a ‘festive┬áseason.’ And Baptism is not sprinkling of water. I want her to know that God loved her even before He knit her in my womb, and that He has good plans for her life. These plans might actually entail some bit of suffering — she does not need to plant seeds of whatever amounts to some quack pastor to wad of being broke and suffering.

I want her to love God with her father’s passion, because this man loves God. I want to learn a lot of things from us. I want her to learn how to cook and how to respect people. I want her to learn that when she veils her body, she is not hiding it from men — she is revealing her dignity to them. I want her to be kind and generous. I want nothing but the best of what this life has to offer. But if she never learns any of that, I pray so hard, that she will have such a deep love for God that I will peacefully rest in my grave knowing she is on the straight and narrow. The highway to Heaven.

So, freedom of worship? If all that is not it, then no thanks.

2 thoughts on “My Daughter, You Shall Have No Freedom of Worship

  1. As I read through the Torah recently, over and over I could see the need to pray for my kids before I even know them, and plan to be a spiritual guide in their lives. What more can I leave as an inheritance from them, than a heritage of faithfulness?
    Seeing that there was actually a generation that came and knew not got is motivation enough to keep praying for them.
    May the footprints I leave lead them to believe!

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