Of Christians and Wounded Soldiers

Picture this: A christian girl, the fire breathing, tongue speaking, demon chasing type. she is the very epitome of morality and chastity. She is an excellent leader, therefore a Youth Group Secretary or something like that.

She is also the no nonsense type, so no non-fire breathing brother comes within 10 meters radius of her space. But as Kiswahili would put it, pwagu hupata pwaguzi. So this Brother comes along, and our poor thing has her moment of weakness. As fate would have it, she gets pregnant and we can all see what she has been up to. Never mind this was her first time, and she greatly regrets it.

What does the typical Christian ‘family ‘ do? I’ve seen such a scenario before, and the family-hood seemed to have ended here. The Christian army seems to be the only one that abandons it’s wounded soldiers. And at a time when they need us most.

Classic 105 is arguably the most listened to radio today. Despite the many things that people may say about Maina and King’ang’i, if the many calls we hear are anything to go by, these people do have audience. And so I have been wondering, since Maina doesn’t really offer any advice, why do people keep calling in?

Could it be that all that the hurting people need is a listening ear? Maybe all they want is someone to sit there and see the brokenness through the tears and not drag them through a rocky guilt- path yet they are already too repentant.

Mariam* was such a soldier. She had been through it all:  teenage pregnancy, single parenthood, loneliness, heck, she even had the t-shirt! When we met, all she wanted was a friend. But she had a funny way of showing it. She’d just say, “It’s a long story.”  Lucky for me, I had all the time in the world.

So we became friends, and I listened to her, and I walked with her through the murky waters of breaking ungodly, unworthy relationships (and earned myself a few enemies in the process). Finally, this once shy, hurting girl who cried herself to sleep every other night healed. She became this bright beauty who would scale a wall, literally. I don’t get the credit. God did it. But He used me.

So, Christians, have we come to the same place where Paul was warning us against? That place where we can’t solve our problems and those of our fellow Christians and the world at large until we have to let the ungodly take over?

Could we stop killing our fallen soldiers and walk with them the painful, slow steps to recovery and full health. Believe me, no one who has tasted the goodness of the Lord wants to be estranged from Him. It hurts, there is always the desire to get the joy of salvation back, whatever else they may want you to believe. So, make the journey easier, lend a hand.

I doff my cap off for people like Pastor Phillip Kitoto. He’s a gift to the church at this time when promiscuity is glorified and marriages don’t last 30 seconds. But he needs you, and me to take care of our wounded soldiers.

6 thoughts on “Of Christians and Wounded Soldiers

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  2. Girl my sentiments exactly, i have been thinking through this the past weekend and this may just be a confirmation. We do hurt our wounded soldiers more and maybe we should start by been a listening ear like you have shared.
    May the Lord help us not to judge others by our words or behavior and be there for them when they need us most.

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