Of Fake Pastors, the People Who Follow Them and the Bereans

Fake pastors have been exposed a lot in the recent past. It has been all over the news, and the sheer number of the people ‘fooled’ is appalling. While I have no tolerance for these gospel peddlers, I have begun to think this entire expose is becoming malicious.

I believe revelation of truth is supposed to set people free. It is supposed to set a demarcation between what is right and wrong and pointing one to the right way. But these uncovering seems to be doing the exact opposite – spreading hate against Christianity.

Now, we are bad mouthing preachers and dismissing them all as fake; O.k, maybe not all but most of them. As all the uncovering is going on, the mentioned pastors are not moved. They keep ordering their clueless followers to send them money in exchange for miracles and affluence. I think they are not moved because, that was their goal in the first place; to shame the Lord Jesus Christ.

And as they expose reaches its peak with ‘conned followers’ being brought on National TV to vent their frustration, I keep thinking, these people are NOT Christians. Both the pastor and the follower should not even be called Christians.

Who is a Christian?

You do not become a Christian by being born in a ‘Christian home’. You are not a Christian if you once in a week go to a building called ‘church’. And oh, for everyone’s sake, you are not a Christian because your name is Godfrey, or John, Peter or Mary Magdalene! Far from it!

A Christian is one who is a follower of Jesus Christ. And being a follower is serious business, it is not like being a fan of a certain football club. It’s not being a fan of Jesus, thinking he was a really cool guy and that he had ‘good values’ that can be followed.

Being a follower is believing in the birth, Life, and death of Jesus Christ. Knowing He was God in human form and that He came to save humanity – that means you. The truth is Jesus was not just a good man, he was not an angel, and he was not just a prophet. He was God. He is God.

So, if you are a Christian, I assume you know of a certain day when you actually became a believer. If you don’t, you probably belong to the group who think they are Christians because they have been going to Sunday school since they were kids. You need to get saved.

And so, most of the people who are making noise about these fake pastors have made God a number of things depending on their needs at that time. So to them, God is a medicine cabinet for the sick times, a fridge for the hungry times, a heater for the cold times, a duvet for the cold times and a cup of tea for the happy times.

I assume anyone who attends the churches of these fake ‘pastors’ doesn’t read their bible, hoping that they actually own one. Whatever the ‘pastor’ says goes. And they dare complain? Good grief! It’s time to get out of the bush and read the scripture – personally. Have you heard of the Bereans? These guys were preached to by Paul himself. But they took time to check the scriptures to see if what he was saying was the truth.

We need to be really wise and cautious with this matter. And if you aren’t doing anything about the current debate and hate against Christianity, don’t speak in haste about it. Christ doesn’t need us to fight for Him, but let us propagate truth. And if you doubt your ‘pastor’, go be a Berean today!

One thought on “Of Fake Pastors, the People Who Follow Them and the Bereans

  1. Malice! I agree the expose’ has now taken a malicious angle. If we can’t offer a solution to a problem then we’d rather shut up.

    Like Christ when He exposed the hypocrisy of the pharisees, he always gave a solution. eg Matthew 23: 25 the pharisees were very keen on outward appearances but never cared about the condition of their hearts. He calls them Hypocrates! “for you are so careful to clean the outside of te cup and the dish, but inside you are filthy-full of greed and indulgence! You blind pharisee! First wash the inside of the cup and the dish, and then the outside will become clean too.”

    There we have a model The experts on exposing the errors of the church, they would do their audiences justice by offering a solution.

    Thanks Kambura for the piece.

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