Paying for harassment..!

Some things are really dreadful. Like walking in a cemetery at night, or having someone pull out your nails, or meeting a slug at the door on a rainy evening, or a frog…eeew!

But of late, I have added other things to the list, and the problem is, i’m paying for some of them. Top of the list is riding in a matatu, especially in Nairobi. This has become such a torture i’m thinking of going Dutch — cycling to work. problem is, I can’t cycle!

So I have to endure torturous rides from town in this unnecessarily loud buses. The music is obnoxious, obscene and the emphasis is put by extra big speakers (I actually never seem to see them).

Don’t get me wrong, I love music. But only if I can regulate what kind and how loud it should be.  Yet I have to pay for music that I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to! And as if harassing my spirit is not enough, they actually have to burst my eardrums while at it.

The 30 minutes or so that I travel in these buses are the longest time of my life. I think i’m going to buy a commuter bus. I will name it P&Q — Peace and Quiet. It will offer the most serene ride any Nairobian has ever had, they will always be waiting for me. I don’t know when I will do that, so if someone can borrow the idea before me, be my guest.

And now, the salon. This is the place where women are turned into expensive baboons. Throw down the stones ladies, I didn’t come up with that one. Most of the time when I finally walk out of that salon, I keep wondering, “is it pain worth it?”

Maybe the heads that turn are meant to give me satisfaction, but I still don’t get why all the pulling and tugging. Every Hair dresser that comes within three inches of your hair should be forced to produce a certificate of good conduct. I think some of the pulling and tagging and roasting is really unnecessary.

We pay so expensively to be in these salons, so a little tenderness will be in order, thank you very much!  There are many places where we pay, and highly so for pure harassment, but these two top the list. I officially stop hating on Vitz, I need one Pronto! Peace and Quiet in a Vitz is way better than harassment in these buses.