Please Don’t Share This on Facebook

I joined facebook in May 2009, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I do not remember how life used to be before facebook! How did we live without sharing what we are eating, where we are headed to after the shower and who we are staring at the wind with? Oh, how did we live without sharing how we are feeling, who we are feeling it with and how awesome our boring weekend is.

social I have been going through my posts since 2009 and while I posted some quite sensible and educative stuff, I couldn’t help but notice that I shared quite a lot on what was going on in my life. I still share my life sometime, but I have grown to know that it is neither profitable nor wise to share — with strangers I must add — the things you are supposed to not really share.

Social media never forgets, that’s for sure. And facebook has even made things worse by creating an anniversary of all your posts, photos and literary everything you post. We now have to be reminded of our foolish younger days and the not so wise things we said in some crooked shorthand English!

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary two months ago and it was not until three days later did we realize that we did not share it on facebook! It was so awesome we forgot to share it! While there is nothing wrong per se with celebrating on social media, I have come to realise that some of the best moments especially in marriage are those we can’t share with anyone!

Social media is good and it can be used for very good purposes — like reading my blog posts 🙂 — but it can also be that little fox in your marriage that needs to be caught before it ruins the vineyard. If social media is the first thing that comes to mind when you need to celebrate or to vent, this is how you should start introducing yourself henceforth, “My name is — and I’m an addict!”

A couple of days ago, I noticed a series of posts from a friend of a concert he was ‘énjoying’. I kept wondering, if he is enjoying so much, where is he getting the time to update us every 5 minutes? And he is not alone. We have people who can’t breathe for 10 minutes if they don’t log on to a social media site, and an event is not an event until it is shared!

I respect people who have decided to go off social media for a while. We miss them and I keep seeing posts on their wall, someone complaining how they are ‘lost’. Do the ancient thing, pick up the phone and call them. I know I do. And if you do not have their phone number, you really have no business complaining.

Today I decided to shoot myself in the foot! I challenge you to learn to enjoy life for the sake of enjoying life. Go and do one awesome thing with your loved ones, and don’t tell us about it. You might actually love it!


5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Share This on Facebook

  1. Yeah,we definitely need to get a life.That ‘kujianika ‘ is not always good.Wacha watu at times wakutafute.

  2. We actually don’t have to know where you are/ what you are doing/which concert or kesha you are attending. We need to GET A LIFE 🙂

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