Pregnant? You Need This!

This journey has been really interesting until I almost don’t want it to be over. I have had a few low moments (unexplained mood swings and unbelievable fatigue) and some high moments. As I try to be an optimist, which I rarely am, by the way, I will share the good moments with you — if only to put a smile on my face. (Selfish right? I know!)

1.  A Good Outfit

By good I mean fitting. By fitting I mean just being loose and tight in all the right places. One of the worst mistakes I made when I started expanding was buying bigger clothes. I forgot it’s not every part of my body that was growing, so I ended up looking fat, not pregnant. I later learnt my mistake and went to shop and got all the right tops and trousers — i’m still not a dress person so those are yet to catch up with the bump :). Remember, you are not ugly, you are not fat, you are just pregnant! Look good, feel good!







2. A Good Doctor

One of my nightmares was getting a know-it-all doctor who didn’t understand that this is my first baby. I’m having lot of questions, most of them silly. I have many fears, many of them unfounded. I have heard many myths and old wives’ tales about many things. I want to know what will happen if I eat too many eggs. Should I have a specific way of turning when I sleep? Can I ride on a bodaboda? Why i’m I not growing as a big as I initially thought? Is it o.k to have no appetite and can I sue my husband if he ever refuses to massage my swollen feet?

Well, I got a good doctor who listens to me and is patient with me. He is not young which means he has no point to prove. He is just a good one, and he calls me mami :). I like!

3. Big Sisters

My big sisters are my second doctor, and it helps that they actually are medics and moms. They listens to my rantings and fears and calms all of them. They tell me all those things I know my doctor doesn’t have a clue of. They have been pregnant so their old wives’ tales actually do work! My elder sisters has to approve anything my doctor prescribes, otherwise, I’m not taking them. I know I said I have a good doctor, but, people, he has never been pregnant!

I think I should start paying them a consultants fee or something. Thanks Lillian and Carol. You are the bestest!












4. A Mother’s visit and A sister in-law

If there ever is a time a girl needs her mom, it’s when she is pregnant! Mom is the only person who will ‘woyie woyie’ you as you deserve — or as you desire. There are times when you just need someone to feel you, in the only way a mom can. Many times I have called my mom when i’m the brink of tears and she has no idea, and I just want to hear her talk.

She is the only one who still sees you as ‘my baby’ when to the world, you are a grown woman who is even bearing her own children and so you deserve little sympathy. To her, i’m still her last born. When she visits, like now, she almost wants to carry me on her back!

A sister in law is the one who sees you as she sees herself. You two are married to brothers so she understands any frustrations you may have with the hubby — because she is living with his photocopy in her house! And when she visits, you will not lift a finger! Thank You Kellen Wanja!

5. A Supportive Husband

This point cannot be over emphasized! Thank you Ben!