Simama…make you life count!

Few things are feared in this life like death. I think it’s the fear of unknown…not knowing how it happens, when it will happen or even how it will happen. I didn’t see how fragile we are until Thursday, 9th May, when we found my very close friend, Xumah, in the city morgue – after three weeks of a frustrating search.

Xumah was one man who could easily get lost in a crowd. He wasn’t loud. he wasn’t old. He was your common guy. The one with a common name – Edward. But he was unique in his own right.

He was a Luo who spoke fluent Kikuyu. He was single at 30 and his brother confesses he has never introduced a girl to him as his girlfriend. He never seemed bothered by the fact that he was right in the midst of friends who all came in ‘double-double 😉 ‘.

He was full of life and humor. His laughter still rings in my ears to date. He loved playing the guitar and watching cartoons. He was just an ordinary guy, going about life and ‘living one day at a time’.

But all that came to a brutal end on the 16th of April. A thug’s bullet cut short the vibrant life. And now he is no more. He is gone. The young, vibrant, funny, God-loving guy is now lying cold and motionless.

And so I have thought and thought. That is after the tears. I have seen people being careless with their life and I have shuddered. I think it’s the high time we stopped and thought. Hard.

So you are alive and healthy, and everything seems o.k? Your stores are full and your bellies are even fuller. the bills are paid, a promotion is in the offing and life seems good.

Or not. Maybe things are thick and you are on the verge of a depression. You are wondering why you should wake up tomorrow. Your job hangs on the balance, your health is a nightmare, your money has grown wings and you always have more month at the end of the money.

However things are, they are gonna end. Sometime. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow or 80 years from today. But I tell you this one fact: Life is fickle and fragile. Soon, you will be standing before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

And then it will dawn on you that He indeed was Lord. And you’ll wish you knew earlier. And we will cry and ask God ‘why?’. And we will not have the answers. So, the time is now. Not out of fear but out of the realization that you do not belong to yourself. That there is nothing you have that was not given to you. That your life needs to account for something beyond the visible.

Let us mourn for you because we will miss you, not because we are not sure where you will spend eternity. The time to decide is NOW. And as Jesus advised, ” Choose Life!”

3 thoughts on “Simama…make you life count!

  1. I am learning to “mourn well” as I look at the scriptures. What comfort I have gained from them, and my husband’s constant admonition and remainder…..Xumah had the promise of eternal life.

  2. Even as we mourn Xuma we are mourning because we will miss him cause for sure we know that He is sitted at the Father’s feet maybe looking at us and i think we need to give him a proper send off by sharing the great moments we had together and laugh about them as we celebrate his life.

  3. *sob sob* :'( life is shot …..I better be safe with Jesus…and like Xumah loved to say…live each day @ a time…….

    thnkyu Jesus for salvation…..

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