Some Not-So-Serious Lessons from The World Cup



Now that the world cup is over and the cheering and the jeering is dying down quietly, the big question is, what have you learnt? I know what the men are thinking; we weren’t supposed to learn anything, were we? We were supposed to sit, watch the game, make noise, irritate our wives and girlfriends, make and lose bets then go on with the next big game.

But I think from something that keeps everyone awake and anxious for over a month like the world cup; from something that has seen tears flow and hugs get shared in almost equal measure; we deserve to learn a lesson or two. If not for any other reason, then just to tell Harambee starts what they should or shouldn’t do next time.

  1. You shall know them by their jersey

One of the most important things in the game apart from the ball that the men had to chase around must be the jersey they wore, or just the color of the jersey. I know all the players knew each other by name and nickname, but each of them had to show up in the jersey that identifies him as a team member.

I’ve been trying to imagine how it would have been if each of the players showed up in their color of choice and simply said, “My team mates know me!” The confusion would have been historical. Not only would the players get confused on whom to pass the ball to, but the whole field including the commentator and the fans would be lost on what side the game is heading.

So is life, we shall know you by what we see. We do not have the privilege of knowing what is in your heart so what we see is what we think. We know we are of like mind and like destination when we see you looking like us, behaving like us, even as we too strive to be like Christ. So, people, this whole business of I know what is in my heart so people should stop judging me by what I look like needs to be given a serious thought. And it needs to stop as we endeavor to be like minded in body and spirit, even as we are built up to be like Christ.

  1. Even the clueless is right at least once

I know advert that will not be forgotten is the Cocacola advert and especially the clueless lady. I mean, girls, if you have to go to a public place to watch a game, be sure you are in your element. Don’t go advertising your ignorance in public.

But to give the girls some credit, she was right in celebrating at half time when Brazil was thrashed. No stones allowed here people, they were thrashed. Some teams are beaten, some teams lose, Brazil was thrashed. And so, on that fateful day when five goals were scored before half time, the clueless girl was right!

You know, it’s like they say, even a faulty clock is right twice a day. Do not always ignore the people who seem to always have it all wrong! I think we all have that one friend who just never seems to think straight. Every time they do or say something, everyone is left with an egg on the face.

We keep thinking they can’t get any worse, and then they surprise us with something even more stupid! Even those, at least once in life, they are right! Lets appreciate them!

  1. Sometimes, it’s never that serious

As my grandmother says, there is no one who is playing such an intense game who is one bit unfit. So they can all stands all the running, the kicking and being kicked, the falling on and over each other and all the battering that goes with loving the game.

I saw that happen many times, someone falls; the opponent gives him a hand, he rises and the game goes on. And so it is with life. This life is like the roads in Meru; totally curvy scary and sometimes you aren’t sure where exactly it is taking you. It seems to be heading in a direction different from where you want to go. But in the end you discover, it wasn’t that bad. You keep going, and you actually get to where you are going – safe and sound! But if someone digs his teeth into your skin you like one Suarez did, well, THAT is serious!

  1. You need to own up and pay for your mistake

Every time a player was given a yellow card or a red card, I saw serious protests going on but not once did I see that decision revoked. Maybe it was on the days I didn’t watch the game, but the referee’s decision seemed to be final. You mess up; you pay for your mistakes.

In life, maturity is when you stop saying “it broke” and you start saying, “I broke it!” that is the beginning of being a mature, accountable human being. Admitting when you are wrong and being vulnerable to correction and criticism is the first step towards having great relationships!

Well, that is part of what I learnt. What else did you learn? Share with us, we’d love to hear it! 🙂