Too Old To Dream?

There is one question i’m certain each one of us has answered in this life. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Oh, when I think of the many things I wanted to be, I’m moved to tears. I keep asking, what happened to me? Where did that girl go? I mean, I was one ambitious girl. What else can you say of one girl who wanted to be a lawyer, a nurse, a gynaecologist, a writer and a journalist all in one lifetime?

But out of all those ambitions, one stuck. And that is writing. That explains the blog post :). But I keep hearing people all around me talk of things they hoped to BE when they grew up but they all ended up DOING different things.

Now, here is the catch. What you want to BE, you can still BE. As someone rightly pointed out, you are a human being, not a human doing. So, as much as you may be doing one thing, you can still be what you wanted to be.

I know you are probably shaking your head in disagreement, but that is what the society has taught us today. People are glorified for attaining their ‘dreams’ when they are still very young. While there is every thing praise worthy about attaining your dreams while still young, what happens, pray tell me, to those of us who are still dreaming, years after we answered the dreamer’s question?

So I have been thinking. Many times, I feel like a clay pot, half finished, still wet, still waiting for the master to finish the last details. The interesting thing is, I actually am that pot. I just don’t know what the master is up to.


So I will encourage all of you who seem to be living beyond the ‘when I grow up’ phase but still feel like they are still growing up. Still hoping, still wishing, still dreaming. Like me.

You can still BE. Go back to school if you have to, read motivational books, study the Bible over and over again, start a blog like yours truly ;), but in all you do, don’t stop dreaming. You are never too old to dream. Let’s dream on!

What was your dream?  


4 thoughts on “Too Old To Dream?

  1. mine kept changing with every talk from a person in that field, if a lawyer encouraged us to do law, i wanted to be one, a doctor, engineer the same….:-)

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