Victory Doesn’t Come by Accident

Happy 2016! And to the February 29th babies, this is your year! Please invite us for larger than life four-years-memory parties, we need to remember your birthday until 2020! Happy birthday month. 🙂

I want to imagine that some of you had new year resolutions and I want to hope that they will actually last beyond the first quarter of the year. I normally don’t do resolutions partly because I rarely remember what they were in the first place and I have a way of letting things just happen. But I read something the other day that made me have a resolution.

Victory does not come by accident. Have you ever read words and they seem to jump right out of the page and hit you smack between the eyes. These ones did. And God must have been speaking to me through these words for I couldn’t get them out of my mind.

images I may not have heard resolutions but I did have dreams, hopes and prayers that I have always wanted answered as each new year begun. And many a times I let them just be dreams and hopes. As much as I did pray, I felt I was being called to more fervency and faith. And dreams and hopes without prayers is like ‘ueue’ in queue, totally useless.

And so this year, the Lord reminded me that I could be victorious in all my dreams and hopes. But I will not be victorious by accident. Athletes don’t win races by accidents, soldiers don’t win battles by accidents.

This year, take your dreams and hopes to the gym. The gym of exercises of extreme faith. You can’t pray a ten cent prayer and expect a million dollar answer. Pray without ceasing. Victory is assured, but it will not happen by accident. Let us pray…

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  1. Finally you blog!!!!! Amen to this piece that was one of the things I set out to do & will continue especially after watching war room!!!

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