crazy wife

She plotted to kill him. Not one, not twice…thrice!! She was caught and charged. She was taken to court. And then he forgave her. And they drove home together. That sounds like a Mexican soap opera, but it isn’t. That is the love story of one Mr. Muthee who chose to forgive his murderous wife, Faith. We should call this one, La Mujer De Muthee :).

His wife Faith so wanted him dead that she hired hit men to kill him. All she wanted from him was his money and she made that crystal clear to him ‘before he was killed’. Lucky for him, the hit men turned out to be police officers! Can any plot get any juicier?

That story has elicited a lot of reaction, and many can’t decide if this guy is for real or someone has had him under the spell (read kamuti 🙂 ). But whatever people may say, and whatever reasons he may have given for forgiving her, I think he has expressed the highest level of love – genuine or not.

One quality I always wanted in the guy I would eventually marry, was one who would love me just as Christ did. I know this sounds like a very tall order but (un)fortunately the bible expects nothing less. Men have been instructed to love their wives just as Christ loved the church. Oh, how I wish all men would read and re-read that verse.

How did Christ love?

The big question is, how did Christ love the church? He loved us with all he had while we had nothing. He loved us when we did not in the least deserve it. He loved us, who who eventually put Him on the cross and tauntingly asked him to save Himself. He loved us even when we persecuted him and slaughtered all who were called by His name. He loved us even when we repeatedly denied him to save our skin. He loved us though he knew what kind of people we were, that there was nothing good in us. And he commands husbands to love their wives just like that.

And so, when I think about what Muthee did, this is what comes to mind. I know he said he is forgiving her for the sake of the children. But the fact that he actually considered forgiving her, and actually brought himself to tell the judge that he has chosen to forgive her, and actually drove home with her in the same vehicle – that is the highest demonstration of love.

That marriage may never be the same again. The trust has been crushed and I don’t know if they will ever build it again. The children may live with a bad scar due to what she tried to do to their father. Muthee may not even be genuine, maybe he is plotting something, we do not know. But the fact that he chose to forgive her speaks volumes of what love should be like.

We all need forgiveness. A story is told of one man called Joseph who got into a fight with his father and decided to run away from home. Years later, the father got wind of the town where his son was, so he traveled there, made a huge poster that read, “Come back home, Joseph, I forgive you” and hanged it at the town hall. The following day, more than 1000 Josephs showed up at the town hall. They all needed forgiveness.

Faith, Get Saved!

I keep thinking about Faith. How is she feeling? Remorseful, guilty, overwhelmed, lucky..? I would love to talk to her and give her a piece of my mind. I would tell her to hang onto that man with her last strength. To wash his feet daily and to treat him like the king he is. And to go for counselling for her sanity’s sake. And to get saved to do what Titus 2:4,5 says:

“…young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.…”

What do you think? Share your sentiments about that story.


  1. It was the greatest thing the man could do. I know forgiveness breaks away chains and opens a door for Christ to intervene in our lives. May Muthee never regret that great act. He has fulfilled Matthew 18.

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